StakXchange was born years ago out of a strong desire to introduce kids and families to the fascinating world of economics. International events such as weather, strikes, inflation, politics, and other trends, affect the supply of the products we consume and therefore their price. As they become familiar with these dynamics, kids and families will gain confidence in their abilities to interpret economic events and build a prosperous future.

For its initial launch, StakXchange was introduced to the gigantic New York Toy Fair and won the Top Toy of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine. It quickly gained a lot of interest, as CNN Money recommended it on a Kids and Money report. However, economic conditions then forced a halt on investments into the game’s international success. Now, StakXchange can leverage crowdfunding to gain direct access to families wishing to play and have fun while boosting their confidence level about finance and economics

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Meet our sharp business development and creative team, backed by seasoned finance and commodities / futures trading experts.